Worm Drive Clamps / Identification Code

Identification Code Nos, Illustrations & Samples

In order to differentiate the applications / designs, Jupiter clamps generally have their own identification type codes.

Type JW 6 B : All Stainless Steel Clamps

For normal environmental or Water contamination applications, AISI 201/202 material is used.

Type JW 7 B : All Stainless Steel Clamps

These are high strength clamps for general Salt Water or chemical applications made out of AISI 304 material.

Type JW 8 B : Acid proof Clamps

This is special type with use of AISI 316 for high corrosion resistance as Acid - Proof applications.

Type JW C : Clamps with underlap

For more protection of hose, underlap beneath the band threads is provided on demand.

Type JW D : Constant Torque Clamps

These types are more vibration-proof under severe conditions. They also withstand for Hot and Cold climatic fluctuations by automatic self adjustment of clamp dia as the nature demands.

Type JW E : Snap Action Clamps

These are snap action clamps specially developed for applications when frequent or periodical re-opening is required. They are generally long ranged clamps to facilitate quick easy mounting for variable application sizes.

Special Type : Worm Drive V - Clamps

These clamps are used for light connections of V-type jointing of flanged pipes for peculiar requirements.

Type JW F : Worm Drive Thumb Screw clamp

Clamps with built-in Screw flap is provided if required for quick closing & opening operations without tool.

Special Designs :

Apart from above, Jupiter Clamps are also available with special specifications as per customers requirement.

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